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Diane McClary

Diane McClary

La Quinta, CA


Painting and teaching are my two passions. I believe that they are equally important and that one feeds into the other. For the past 30 years I have been painting and involved in the study of fine art. The greatest influence on my painting style and process came from Sergei Bongart, the internationally known Russian Impressionist artist, and his colleagues, Ron Lukas, Sonny Apinchapong, and Delbert Gish. In the past, I was involved in attending and sponsoring workshops for the artists who worked with Sergei. For many years, I have exhibited, demonstrated, and taught painting and drawing workshops in Washington, Colorado, California, Florida, France, and Africa. I also organized a tour for artists to visit mainland China and study at the Zhejiang Provincial Fine Art Academy in Hangzhou.

As an Impressionist artist involved in capturing the true color of light in various situations, the majority of my work begins with a small painting executed onsite, or painting other forms of real-life subject matter, such as florals or still life compositions. In my plein air painting, I search for scenes outdoors where the color of light and shadow catch my attention. I will paint quickly to catch the impression on the canvas, and later in the studio, the small sketches will be enlarged to larger paintings. In the larger painting, my desire is to include the excitement and feeling that I experienced in the smaller study. Along with painting landscapes, I enjoy painting still lifes outdoors because of the beautiful color expressed on the subject matter that happens with the natural light.

The paintings that are shown here are a combination of scenes from the Northwest, travel, and more recently the Southwest, including many desert scenes. I prefer to paint with oil paints because of the strength of the color and the flexibility to make changes during the painting process. Each painting follows a practice taught with the Bongart School which involves three steps: first, painting large abstract shapes, which emphasize related strong color and value; second, modeling form for more definition; and third, finishing off with small accent strokes. Achieving beautiful color harmony by relating the various simplified color shapes is the desired final result.

Please visit my website at www.dianemcclary.com for further information about me.


Fred Wolff's Palm by Diane McClary


Lily Pond at La Quinta Estates by Diane McClary


Madero View by Diane McClary


Smoke Tree at Santa Rosa Mountains by Diane McClary


Verbena and Spring by Diane McClary


Spring and Prickly Pear Cactus by Diane McClary


Santa Rosa Mountains and Brittle Bush by Diane McClary


Palm at Santa Rosa Mountains Visitors Center by Diane McClary


Mount San Gorgonio by Diane McClary


Joshua at Keys Ranch by Diane McClary


Desert Verbena by Diane McClary


Desert In Bloom by Diane McClary


Henderson Canyon Borrego Springs by Diane McClary


Borrego Springs Verbena by Diane McClary


Indian Wells Verbena by Diane McClary


Murray Trail Andreas Canyon by Diane McClary


Desert Light by Diane McClary


Spring Poppies by Diane McClary


Desert Verbena by Diane McClary


Saguaro Plein Air Study by Diane McClary


Gold Canyon by Diane McClary


Dinosaur Mountain by Diane McClary


Afternoon Light Monument Valley by Diane McClary


Clouds Passing Monument Valley by Diane McClary


Belgian Creamer and Sugar by Diane McClary


Tecate Garden Gate by Diane McClary


Moon Shadows Indian Canyon by Diane McClary


Prickly Pear Cactus Bloom by Diane McClary


Early Morning Coffee in Old Town La Quinta 2 by Diane McClary


Lucerne Countryside by Diane McClary


Castle on the Upper Rhine River by Diane McClary


Matterhorn Sunrise by Diane McClary


Alps in Switzerland by Diane McClary


Perseids Meteor Shower from La Quinta Museum by Diane McClary


Cactus by the Red Mountains by Diane McClary


Mining Camp at Superstition Mountain Museum by Diane McClary


Barrel Cactus at Tortilla Flat by Diane McClary


Morning at Fort Apache by Diane McClary


Superstition Mountain Evening by Diane McClary


The Pinnacle at Goldfield Mountains by Diane McClary


Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay by Diane McClary


Venice Gondolier 2 by Diane McClary


Venice Gondolier 1 by Diane McClary


Santa Rosa Visitors Center Palms by Diane McClary


Joshua Tree Study by Diane McClary


Joshua Tree Black and White Study by Diane McClary


Gold Canyon Saguaros by Diane McClary


Early Bloom Joshua by Diane McClary